The history of smoking dates back to the beginning of human civilisation. Whatever the occasion, be it socialising with friends or reflecting on life. Whenever the occasion, these were priceless moments in our evolution – business deals were completed, relationships began, friendships formed, jokes exchanged, all over having a cigarette. As the health implications emerged about smoking cigarette. Smoking has come to symbolise, a socially unacceptable behaviour, riddled with social prejudice. As a result smoking is banned almost everywhere, on public transport, in the offices, pubs, restaurants.

The Change

With the invention of the electronic cigarette, everything has changed. At iiimage ecigarette we provide, an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, the three iii, meaning; Intelligence, Individuality, Initiative. We believe that if you smoke, you’ve made an intelligent decision to do so, by choice. iiimage ecigarettes will, provide an alternative that continues to give you the individuality (freedom) that you love about smoking; the sensation, the taste, the social experience thus removing the harmful 4,000+ added chemicals by simple switching to Vaping.


By switching to iiimage Vaping you have demonstrated that you have all three – Intelligence, Individuality (Freedom) and Initiative, Freedom to satisfy your cravings; the taste, the sensation…An intelligent, informed choice to have a clean alternative to traditional cigarettes.Our Vaping devices, can be Vaped everywhere without restrictions or prejudice, at the office, in the pub, your favourite restaurant with friends, at the Train station or Airport, relaxing in the comfort of home or in bed, whenever, whatever the occasion, Your choice!

The three III’s; Intelligence, Individuality and Initiative are the essence of what we stand for! IIImage the intelligent choice.