Nicotine Shots The newest revolution in vaping! Following the introduction of the controversial TPD regulations restricting the sizes and strengths of e-liquids, many of the worlds best e-liquids disappeared from the vaping scene in the UK. With the introduction of NICOTINE SHOTS all, the classics are back with us at E-liquids containing nicotine are restricted to 10ml bottles from last May. The larger bottles 30ml, 60ml,100ml etc cannot be sold if they contain nicotine. Vaper’s can now get 30ml, 60ml, 100ml bottle sizes if they are nicotine free. All you need to do, is simply buy the e-liquid in 0mg in any size you wish, buy the nicotine shots and mix them yourself. At, all our extra premium e-liquids come in 60ml bottles. There is 50ml of e-liquid per bottle leaving sufficient room in each bottle to add the nicotine shots, a simply DIY procedure. What are nicotine shot? Nicotine Shots are flavourless e-liquids containing nicotine designed to be added to nicotine free e-liquid. Our nicotine shots are 100% VG and come in different strengths; 10mg, 15mg and 18mg strengths. The table underneath is a rough guide for Vapers using the normal nicotine strengths; 3mg, 6mg, 9mg and 12mg’s. By adding a 10mg nicotine shot to your 60ml bottle of zero mg e-liquid you can get the require nicotine strength. Normal use Nicotine Shot to be added = 50ml bottles 3 mg 1 x 10mg or 2/3 of a 15mg btl equal 3mg 6mg 2 x 10mg or 1 and 1/3 15mg btls equal 6mg 9mg 3 x 10mg or 2 15mg btls equal 9mg 12mg 4 x 10mg or 2 and 2/3 15mg btls equal 12mg If you require further information, please forward your queries to us at

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