1. Finding the correct system
When converting to iiimage ecigarettes, it is ideal you find the correct type of system for you. This is because certain types of systems deliver only a specific amount of power. The amount of cigarettes smoked in a day is the key figure to deciding what system to go for e.g. someone who smokes 5 a day would only need an iiimage battery between 400Mah-800Mah or someone who smokes 20 would need a 2000+Mah battery.  
  1. Nicotine concentration
Leading on from number 1 the next thing to decipher is the nicotine level. Depending on what system is bought depends on what nicotine concentration to go for. Usually it’s best to start off on a higher level of nicotine and each time you reorder your liquid reduce the strength. If the system is ‘Sub Ohm’ however, the highest level of nicotine needed is a 9mg. This is because with ‘Sub Ohm’, the coil or heating element is heated up at a much faster rate and higher temperatures as the resistance of it is much lower than that of a regular coil. We at iiimage ecigarettes supply Eliquid in many strengths ranging from 0mg-24mg.
  1. Changing the coil
Be sure to change the coil regularly to make the most out of your system. As you may or may not know the average time needed to change the coil is around 2-3 weeks. This is because after a certain period of excessive heating the cotton inside the coil will degrade meaning it gets harder to absorb any more eliquid resulting in a burnt taste, Leakage or even the system not working altogether. We at iiimage ecigarettes supply a wide range of coils including iiimage coils, Aspire coils, Eleaf coils, Joytech coils and Kangertech Coils. Check out all of our products at http://iiimage.com/.

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